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Hydro turbine castings

Established in 1957, Shenyang Research Institute of Foundry (SRIF) is the largest state foundry institute in China.

The special steel castings are manufactured by utilizing electric-furnace plus AOD duplexing technique, which can maintain the Ni4 series stainless steel content up to the requirements of commercial applications yet limiting the content of impurity and gas within a minimum level( [P,S] =0.04%,[N] =70ppm,,[O] =40ppm).
Thanks to the special heat treatment, the strength, hardness and yield-tensile ratio of castings produced with low carbon lath martensite are greatly enhanced. In recent years, the technology has been successfully applied in manufacturing of flow passages components for hydro-turbine, such as wicket gate, Francis crown, Francis band, Kaplan and Francis blade with a wide range of sizes, Pelton, Kaplan and Francis turbine runner etc. The product capacity is 1000 tons per year. Other special steel products include the castings with boron applied in nuclear power station and all components of heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials.

More information at www.chinasrif.com


Shanghai Zhongzhou Special Alloy Materials Co. Ltd, CHINA .
Nickel and cobalt based alloys (stellite Powder)

Cobalt-Base Alloy
Good High normal temperature and high temperature hardness , Comparatively good fatigue-resistance, thermal shock-resistance and Excellent good resistance against corrosion, abrasive dust wear and intermetal wear . Mainly used in making, repairing and pre-protection of being wear-, corrosion-, high-temperature- and shock-resistance. Main product classification: Cobalt Bare Rods, Cobalt Welding Powder , Cobalt Electrodes, Cobalt Precision Casting and Forging Parts.

Cobalt-Base Bare Rods
Cobalt-Base Electrodes
Cobalt-Base Forging
Cobalt-Base Precision Casting
Cobalt-Base Welding Powder

More information at www.alloy-china.com

Xi'an GangYan special alloy Co., Ltd
High temperature Alloys

Alloy 27
Alloy 42 & 48 & 52
Alloy 46
Axle-centre alloy
Ceramvar Alloy
Corrosion Resistant Soft Magnetic Alloy
Elgiloy alloy
Fe-Al soft magnetic alloy
Fe-Co-Mo Hysteresis alloys
Fe-Co-V Permanent Magnetic Alloy
Fe-Ni Soft Magnetic Alloy
High-temperature alloy
Invar alloy
Kovar alloy
Nichrome alloy
Ni-span alloy
Permendur 2V
Temperature compensated magnetic alloys
Vicalloy alloy

More information at www.xagy.cn 



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